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Feldenkrais® Professional Training Programs 


FELDENKRAIS® Professional Training Programs prepare you for an exciting new career as well as the chance to develop yourself personally.

After successful completion of the first two years of a program you are authorized to teach groupAWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT® lessons, on a provisional basis. You become authorized to teach individual FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION® lessons after successful graduation from the full course.

Training programs that Alan directs and teaches in follow accreditation policies set up through the North American Training Accreditation Board, European Training Accreditation Board and the Australian Training Accreditation Board. Policies dictate the number of hours of training (800 hours over 4 years), student teacher ratios, who can teach (accredited Trainers and Assistant Trainers), content, evaluation procedures and graduation requirements. Graduates from professional trainings are able to practice in all countries recognizing these professional standards.

Here is a letter from Alan to potential trainees about his FELDENKRAIS® Professional Training Programs.

From The Educational Director, Alan Questel:

’I am committed to offering a program that prepares you to be a competent and effectiveFELDENKRAIS® practitioner. The design of the program continues the tradition begun by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and it has been enhanced by innovations developed in recent training programs. We use the materials he created: articles, interviews, books, and videotapes, so that you develop a personal sense of who Moshe Feldenkrais was and how he worked. I have assembled a distinguished teaching staff to bring these ideas to life for you. Engaging in the sensory-based strategies upon which the method is founded, you will cultivate the keen observation, refined sensitivity, and new ways of thinking, required when practicing the method.

In putting the curriculum together, I am dedicated to bridging the gap between the method and developments in contemporary thought. From my background in theatre and working with performers, I have a deep interest in the embodiment of creativity. Other trainers in the program bring expertise from the medical model, martial arts, and cybernetics. Together we are committed to creating new ways of articulating the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® and further expanding its application.

Learning happens on a personal level. I am committed to personalizing the process, and will meet with trainees regularly to address questions, interests, and needs.

I invite you to read this Course Guide and consider whether a FELDENKRAIS® Professional Training Program is the right path for you.

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