Practicing Intentional Acts of Kindness

Uncommon Sensing™

Would you like to like yourself more?

If you are like most people the answer is yes.

Then keep on reading because everything here is going to help you do exactly that!


An exciting new way to be kinder to yourself…to like yourself more!

It is personal, made just for you, includes all of you and more!

It is exercises that are simple, different, easy, fun, intelligent, effortless, unusual, intimate, intriguing, efficient, innovative, engaging, remarkable, doable, pleasurable, challenging, personal, novel, interesting, creative, outside of the box and way inside of the box

It’s about developing your potential, enlarging your self-image, connecting with your skeleton, understanding your habits, expanding your choices, realizing your dreams, enhancing your learning and moving more easily than you have in years!

UNCOMMON SENSING IS...just what is says it is…an uncommon way to sense yourself, based on common sense.

Start liking yourself more right now!
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The most immediate, concrete and down to earth thing you do all day, every day, of your entire life is move! Movement is at the foundation of everything you do…your thoughts…your feelings…your actions. 

This is the basis for your explorations, your discoveries, your inquiry and growth... through movement.

By entertaining some new and exciting ideas about who you are and who you can become you will find changes that not only affect how you move but will also influence your general well-being, how you think, feel and sense yourself. You may also find that you are enjoying your life a bit more and even starting to like yourself more.

These ideas are simple, real and tangible (concrete immediate) in the form of explorations, where your comfort and pleasure are your guides. They come from the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of Somatic Education.

Find out more about the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of somatic education and how it can help you realize more of what you want in your life.

Practicing Intentional Acts of Kindness Book